Jetboil Sukiyaki Noodles

Jetboil Sukiyaki Noodles by @campwithcol 🍜🎬🔥

This is your sign to make your own backcountry meal on your next trip.

This is a savoury and satisfying meal that’s perfect for your next backcountry adventure. These Sukiyaki Noodles are conveniently packed into a @stasherbag , and they’re the perfect combination of soft noodles, protein, and fresh vegetables. These noodles will be fueling your next outdoor activities. Tag someone you can share this with!

2 tbsp - Sake
1/4 cup - Mirin
1 tbsp - sugar
1/4 cup - Japanese Soy Sauce
1 packet - dashi
500 ml - water

1 pack - instant vermicelli noodles* [can sub instant noodles]
1/2 cup - Freeze dried chicken
1/2 cup - Shiitake mushrooms
1/2 cup - chinese cabbage

*try to use the instant vermicelli noodles when cooking in a @stasherbag. It will cook through a lot quicker than using the typical vermicelli noodles. The brand I use is from mama


1. At home - mix together sake, mirin, sugar, Japanese soy sauce in a small bottle and shake to combine for your sauce.
2. Add your sukiyaki sauce, water, and dashi into a pot and bring to a boil
3. In your stasher, add your noodles, chicken, mushrooms, and cabbage. [you can also bring these items up in your stasher]
4. When the soup mixture is boiling, add it to your stasher. Mix it first, then close it, then keep it warm in your jacket or in a cozy. After a few minutes, it’s ready to eat!