Why Every Overland Rig Needs a Jetboil Flash

By: James Denhalter

I might be a little biased, but I’m a strong believer that the Flash is the ultimate Overlanding accessory. Ten years ago, my wife and I moved into a Volkswagen Vanagon with only a Flash to cook all of our meals. After three full months on the road with this setup we had no regrets, and discovered a new appreciation for this little (but mighty) stove system. It really can do everything you need it to do for an Overlanding rig. Allow me to explain...

Brew the Perfect Cup of Coffee

Most of us need a coffee as soon as we wake up and with a Jetboil you are only a few short minutes from a good cup of Joe. Wasting no time and keeping you properly caffeinated.

Don’t Feel Like Cooking? No Problem.

There are times you will want to pull off a 5-star meal and have all of the fresh ingredients and time you need to create one. But honestly, there will be more times you’re tired, out of ingredients, and just not willing to put in the effort. Being able to enjoy a dehydrated meal with little effort is a staple for those days.


Flash is Easy to Stash

We are constantly impressed with your amazing rigs and overland builds. The organization, the creativity, all of it is very impressive. But at the end of the day space is at a premium, and Flash is easy to pack away.  

Rugged Enough for Any Rig 

Nothing is worse than a crucial piece of gear breaking down when you are hundreds of miles from the nearest town. Jetboil is known for durability, so your Flash will stand up to years of bumping around down dirt roads.